Welcome to Frog Hollow

I am excited to share my book, “Frog Hollow: Stories From an American Neighborhood,” which has gone by multiple names in vitro, including “Searching for the American Dream in Frog Hollow,” and “When Will I Finish This Damn Book, D’Ya Think?” (I am fond of the former, but oh-well.) This book started as a series …

Media for “Frog Hollow: Stories From an American Neighborhood”

The Hartford Courant: “The evolution of a Hartford neighborhood: Susan Campbell chronicles the history of Frog Hollow in her latest book” WNPR: “The story of Frog Hollow” ICRV Radio: http://cp.icrvradio.com/archive?program_id%5B%5D=54# WFSB “Face the State” with Dennis House: https://www.wfsb.com/news/face-the-state-frog-hollow-is-one-of-ct-s/video_bfc8420b-15ab-572a-b4cb-6637fb52bc78.html HPTV’s “Explorando Hartford,” with Maricarmen Cajahuaringa (Steven Diaz, videographer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pn13pPUitYA&list=PLGK-1o4-idvR0SVyY4jtYVYJ9bYV97oPw&index=4&t=0s